Akshay Mehta Founder WhiteLeaf Group

Akshay Mehta is the founder WhiteLeaf group. Driving Akshay’s success is his solutions-oriented mindset and ability to steer client business through disruption. 

During his 9-year tenure, Akshay has lead the group’s growth, guiding product development and overall strategic direction, in addition to overseeing groups innovative product ideas and financial operations.

Akshay has been instrumental in growing the group from a small startup to one of the fastest growing names in the industry.

Besides Akshay is a big time foodie and a crypto enthusiast who has a knack for identifying highly rewarding investment option at an early stage.



Veenu Mehta Co-Founder WhiteLeaf Group

Veenu Mehta is the co-founder WhiteLeaf group. Veenu has been instrumental in cultivating a client-first organization, overseeing marketing, client relations and business development initiatives and further developing new and existing lines of business for the group

Prior to joining WhiteLeaf group, Veenu had over six years of experience, which includes working with company’s like Hdfc Bank and Standard Chartered Bank handling investments of ultra HNI clients.

Veenu is passionate about trekking, alternate investments, travelling and reading.